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28th March 2013 16:48 - Utilities


Watchdog Ofcom has revealed the latest satisfaction results when it comes to Broadband providers in the UK. Their quarterly market research is aimed at helping customers make an informed choice and encouraging ISPs to improve their services.

This current survey of complaints about broadband and pay TV providers has found Orange topping the dubious list by a large margin. Most customers were annoyed however not by a major lack of service quality, but by the ISP withdrawing its offer of free broadband unless customers also buy line rental from them.

Out of 1,000 customers surveyed, 0.70 Orange customers registered complaints, representing an increase from 0.50 just three months ago.

The second place on Ofcom’s complaints chart went to TalkTalk, who were previously the most griped-about ISP. They received 0.33 complaints, a slight improvement from 0.35 in the previous survey.

BT broadband customer complaints came in at a close second, with 0.30 moans per 1,000 subscribers.

In contrast, Sky and Virgin Media customers were found to be the most content with their Broadband service, since they were the only two ISPs who scored below average for complaints – they racked up only 0.08 and 0.10 per 1,000 respectively.

Virgin Media complaints have never risen above 0.20 complaints per 1,000 customers, while and the number of gripes made by Sky customers has consistently declined over the past eight surveys.

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