Market Research Study Shows Utilities Not Seizing Smart Grid Data Potential

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31st July 2013 11:10 - Utilities

Oracle, a leading American multinational computer company, recently released the latest version of “Utilities and Big Data: Accelerating the Drive to Value”. The study, which surveyed 151 North America senior-level utility executives, shows that four fifths (83%) are unprepared to manage the big data influx.

Utilities are, however, more prepared to manage the smart grid data today than they were a year ago, with a fifth (17%) reporting that they are completely prepared, up from a tenth (9%) in 2012.

Currently, fewer than half of utilities use smart grid data to provide alerts or make other direct customer service improvements.

The survey found that three fifths (62%) of respondents felt that there was a significant big data skills gap including those who say they are prepared for smart grid data. Additionally, three fifths (58%) who gave themselves a nine or ten in overall preparedness see a skills gap.

Two out of three utilities are currently considering cloud-based solutions for smart grid/smart data management and analysis, yet only a quarter (26%) are actually planning, and implementing solutions today.

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