More than half smart meter owners polled have not changed their energy usage, reveals survey

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18th December 2019 02:23 - Utilities

More than half smart meter owners polled have not changed their energy usage: A Daily Mail survey asking energy customers about their energy consumption and whether it has changed following the introduction of a smart meter has found that 53% report no change in their energy consumption. 

For 16% of the 1,000 households polled, energy usuage within their home has actually increased since the device was fitted.

The research found that just short of a third of people (31%) who are using a smart meter have seen a decrease in the amount of energy they consume.  Just 3% of respondents said they are now using 'considerably less' energy since welcoming a smart meter - part of a 13.5billion scheme by the government which initially had a deadline of 2020.

Mark Todd of the price comparison website, energyhelpline told the Daily Mail: 

‘It’s shocking that only a third of customers are reporting that they are using less energy after having a smart meter fitted as that’s one of the key justifications for the £13.5billion rollout."

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