Nearly two-thirds of Brits who rent their homes are worried about affording energy bills, finds poll

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13th January 2022 17:00 - Utilities

Nearly two-thirds of Brits who rent their homes are worried about affording energy bills: A survey has revealed how the rising cost of  living in the UK is affecting the British public, with almost two-thirds  (65%) of those who rent their homes reporting feeling worried about how they will pay their energy bills this winter. The research also revealed that many respondents believe their landlord could do more to support them in saving energy, which would help them battle rising fuel costs.

The survey by Smart Energy GB polled also found that 62% are concerned about being able to afford their rent, and more than half those polled (57%) said that worrying about paying rent and bills is having a detrimental affect on their mental health and wellbeing. 

Almost half the respondents polled (46%) said that they felt their landlord could do more for them by making their home more energy efficient so they could save money on their energy bills and use less energy. However, more than a quarter (28%) said that they do not feel supported by their landlord when it comes to managing their energy usage. More than 8 out of 10 respondents (85%) believe that their energy costs are higher than they should be due to measures not being in place at their rental property.

When asked about how landlords could make their homes more energy efficient and help reduce their energy costs, nearly three-quarters said ‘better insulation’, while 54% said they would like to 'see drafts filled in'. Just under half (45%) said they would like to see a new, more efficient boiler installed , while 44% believe double glazed windows would help. 

Measures taken by tenants to help reduce their energy usage without the landlords support include turning lights off (59%), switching off appliances when not being used (56%) and even not using the heating – even when it feels cold (44%). 

Two-thirds of those polled also said they would like a smart meter to help them manage their energy usage (67%)

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