Nine out of 10 parents said they would act on their children's advice around sustainability

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14th May 2021 17:21 - Utilities

Nine out of 10 parents said they would act on their children's advice around sustainability:A survey has found that families are making changes to live their lives in a more sustainable way, due to pressure and advice from their younger children or grandchildren.

The survey by renewable energy provider, Pure Planet UK found that 88% of parents would 'always' or 'sometimes' change their habits following advice from kids around sustainability and helping the environment. 

The survey also found that three out of 10 families (29%) have been inspired to recycle more of their household waste due to their children, and almost a quarter said their kids were behind them ditching single-use plastic bags in favour of reusable alternatives.

A fifth of parents surveyed (19%) said they have turned down the heating following a request from their children, while more than a quarter (26%) said they had been told to switch of the lights to save energy when they exit a room. Some 13% of parents also revealed that they had changed to a renewable energy tariff, due to their children's influence.

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