One in 10 UK adults aged 18-34 years believe it is too late to stop the worst effects of climate change, according to survey

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4th February 2021 18:08 - Utilities

One in 10 UK adults aged 18-34 years believe it is too late to stop the worst effects of climate change: A survey looking at perceptions around climate change has found that one in 10 UK adults aged 18-34 believe that it's too late to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

The IET Green Preferences 2020 Survey - Understanding public attitudes to green technology polled 3,337 adults in the UK, as well as additional surveying in Australia, China, Germany, India, the UAE and USA.

Overall, the survey found that UK adults understand that climate change is an increasingly problematic global issue and that there is still time to affect its course in a positive way.

Almost nine out of 10 people surveyd (18-65+) said that they believe the world’s climate is changing (87%), with human activity being responsible to varying degrees. This is higher than the US (77%) and Australia (84%, but lower than in Germany (91%), China (94%), UAE (95%) and India (96%).

Overall, 57% of UK adults believe that by making radical changes we can avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Reducing carbon emissions at home

Asked about the types of things they could do within their home to reduce their carbon emissions, 44% said 'insulating your home' can help, followed by 'installing solar panels' (35%) and 'switching to a greener energy plan' (34%).

A third of respondents said switching off appliances when they are not in use is helpful (33%), as well as replacing old gas boilers for a new more efficient natural gas model (32%); replacing a boiler with a 'non fossil fuel alternative’ (29%); and draught proofing your home (28%).

Other answers included taking showers instead of baths (25%); using full washing machines and dishwashers on the most efficient setting (24%); installing smart heating controls (19%), and installing a smart meter (17%).

The survey also asked respondents about their understanding of green technology. It found that 40% had not heard about battery storage for homes, while a little over a quarter (26%) had not heard of alternative gas heaters fuelled by biogas or hydrogen. Almost three in 10 (28%) had not heard about heat pumps, while 15% were in the dark about electric radiators

The majority of respondents said they have a very good understanding of double glazing (58%) and loft insulation (51%), while slightly fewer have a very good understanding of draught proofing (45%), solar panels (37%) and smart technology for monitoring energy use (28%).

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