Only 24 per cent of SMEs have made the change to energy efficient lightbulbs, survey finds

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30th December 2014 11:33 - Utilities

A survey of SME business managers and owners across the UK, has found that despite 37 per cent considering lighting to cost their business the most, just 24 per cent have made the switch to energy saving lightbulbs.

The survey also found that just 21 per cent of SMEs are considering using energy saving lightbulbs.

The survey, commissioned by British Gas, questioned 1000 participants about their overall business energy use, as well as their knowledge of energy efficiency. The areas covered included finance, distribution and hospitality.

The survey also revealed that 33 per cent of the SMEs questioned have a Smart Meter fitted. A further 36 per cent claimed that they were thinking about having a Smart Meter fitted, to save energy.

As an alternative energy saving method, 60 per cent of those surveyed are thinking about having a form of solar installation fitted.

However, 19 per cent are not considering adopting any energy saving techniques.

The main reason for businesses making changes, in order to save energy, were saving money (45 per cent), helping conserve the environment (23 per cent) and abiding by the law (36 per cent).

The survey found that technology was the second biggest spend for 19 per cent of the participants, after the costs of their employees. Less than 20 per cent cited energy as the biggest spend within their business. However, 11 per cent of those polled claimed that their premises were the biggest spend for their company.

British Gas also found that 63 per cent of business managers and owners would like further advice about saving energy, from their utility suppliers.

When asked which piece of electrical equipment used the most energy, within their company, 37 per cent cited lighting. Closely following lighting was boilers (17 per cent) and badly insulated walls (16 per cent).

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