Personalised energy experience desired by consumers, survey reveals

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8th November 2016 16:22 - Utilities

Personalised energy experience desired by consumers, survey reveals: The findings of a recent survey by Accenture have revealed that customers are interested in having energy management technologies in their homes, with the vast majority calling for a personalised energy experience.Personalised energy experience desired by consumers, survey reveals

As part of the research, Accenture spoke to 10,000 people from 17 countries, including the United Kingdom, about personalised experiences.

The survey also revealed that 92 per cent of individuals would be more satisfied with their service if their energy provider could personalise their overall customer experience. This would comprise of the introduction of a personalised digital bill, website or mobile application which would register them for the best offer available for them based on their real-time energy consumption.

The findings also uncovered that 76 per cent are interested in automated energy gadgets for their home. A further 69 per cent were attracted to connected technologies for the home.

The market research report warned that if energy providers do not meet the expectations of the consumers, the providers may face a constant problem with customer retention, with the increasing competition from other energy suppliers and new entrants to the market.

According to the findings more customers are considering switching energy providers in the upcoming year, with approximately 37 per cent saying that they are likely to switch. Hypothetically, when a seamless customer experience could not be provided, the figure of those who would switch suppliers increased to 73 per cent.

The market research report highlighted three core strategies so that energy providers can successfully compete for market share and meet their customer’s demands. The strategies are: a commodity-centric provider, an energy marketplace enabler which supports them to be trusted advisors to customers and a connected lifestyle provider.

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