Poll Highlights Consumer Confusion over Energy Efficiency Technologies

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12th June 2013 14:38 - Utilities

Utility market research commissioned by Rexel Northern European Zone has shown that as many as nine in ten Britons believe that fuel poverty levels in the UK will continue to escalate if nothing is done to improve the adoption of energy efficiency.

Currently, three quarters of British consumers admit to being concerned about their energy bills, with 68% of those polled reporting having undertaken energy efficiency improvements to their homes in the past five years.

The main motivations for Britons getting serious about energy efficiency are to save on utility bills (79% of respondents) and environmental responsibility (27%).

A total of 89% of the surveyants believe that investing in energy efficiency products such as LED lighting, efficient heating, air conditioning systems and upgrading home insulation will effectively reduce their bills.

Despite high levels of confidence in energy efficiency upgrades to save money, 63% of home owners claim financial considerations are preventing them from taking action, 24% of renters think the investment would not be worth their while, and 21% feel that that  choice of technologies available put them off because they are confusingly overwhelming.

Strategic Development Director for Rexel Northern European Zone, Brian Smithers, commented on the poll findings: “It’s worrying to hear that cost concerns are still putting consumers off investing in energy efficiency measures especially in view of the launch of incentives such as the Green Deal, which allows homeowners to access funding for energy efficiency at no upfront cost. However, this survey makes it clear that there is little awareness of the options available.”

He added: “While the Government and the energy companies have an important role to play here, it’s crucial that the UK’s army of trusted electricians are able to educate their customers about the support available.”

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