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24th September 2014 17:31 - Utilities

DJS Research Ltd is conducting some research to understand what energy suppliers believe are the main barriers to them providing things such as great customer experience, reducing switching times, accurate bills etc. We would like to know how much of this you believe is down to legacy and sheer scale in terms of the larger suppliers and what if any barriers exist for smaller, newer entrants to the market.

We are currently interviewing senior staff working in customer services, operations and finance in energy retail and each participant will receive a summary of the research findings and £50 as a thank you for taking part (or this can be donated to a charity of their choice).

We would really appreciate you taking part in this important piece of research.

Interviews will be conducted over the phone at a time convenient to you over the next 2 weeks. They will be conducted by a senior researcher and will take 25- 30 minutes. We are full members of the Market Research Society and the research will be conducted according to their strict guidelines.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Christian Easdown via


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