Support for renewable energy has reached a record high of 85%, reveals Government poll

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2nd May 2019 15:26 - Utilities

Support for renewable energy has reached a record high of 85%: An offical Government poll has revealed an increase in support for renewable energy. Eighty-five percent of respondents were in support of renewable energy according to the survey, an increase from 79% 12 months ago. The data was collected using face-to-face in-home interviews across 2,102 households.

The survey also revealed that support for offshore wind turbines has reached its highest recorded level of 83% since it started tracking in 2012. Onshore wind also reached its highest level of 76% - this has increased from 74% in November 2018.

According to the research, wave and tidal energy has also been breaking records, reaching its.highest level of respondent support to date at 81%.

Two out of three people questioned revealed they would be in support of having a large renewable energy source where they live, with three quarters saying they believe renewable industries and developments provide economic benefits to the UK.

However, 72% of respondents said that the UK is becoming too dependent on energy being supplied by other countries, a rise of 6 percentage points since last year.  Looking at the UK's investment in alternative energy sources, seven out of ten (71%)  believed the UK is investing fast enough, compared with two thirds (66%) last year.

When asked about the energy sources imported from oversees that were a concern to them, 34% said oil, dropping from 38% last year, wheras concern over gas has increased from 47% to 57% since this time 12 months ago. 

When it comes to electricity, a quarter of respondents revealed they had concerns (25%) while 27% admitted they had concerns but with no specific energy source.

RenewableUK’ Executive Director Emma Pinchbeck said: ‘Today’s survey shows record levels of public support for onshore wind, offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. People are happy to have big projects in their own areas – and they strongly feel Government should be building more cheap, reliable, renewable energy here in the UK."

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