Survey Demonstrates Britons Want Environmentally Friendly Wind Power

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20th April 2012 13:09 - Utilities

Recent market research carried out on behalf of RenewableUK has revealed strong support amongst Britons for wind power as an effective renewable energy solution.

The survey found that a total of 67% of the UK public has given the thumbs up to the use of wind power, with 28% strongly in favour of wind farms. In contrast, only 8% oppose wind power and a mere 3% are “strongly opposed” to it.

Furthermore, 57% of Britons say the appearance of wind farms on the UK landscape is acceptable, while 20% find this occurrence to be "completely acceptable."

Chief Executive of RenewableUK, Maria McCaffery, commented: "That the majority of people find wind farms ugly has long been a myth propagated by a small minority. This research has shown that a majority find the look of wind farms acceptable.”

She added: “I hope that those who have recently tried to stifle the good support that wind energy has from the government listen to this majority view and ask themselves why they are supporting a minority movement that threatens the jobs and investment that the wind energy industry is bringing to the United Kingdom."

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