Survey Finds Consumers Still Worried About Energy Prices

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11th November 2013 12:25 - Utilities

The latest research carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) shows that although the majority of people in the UK are in support of renewable power they are still worried about the cost of energy. The study revealed that three quarters (76%) of people in the UK are in favour of renewable energy, this is a fall of three per cent since September 2012 (79%) although the DECC suggest this small change shows a real belief in the production methods.

Despite the recent decision to approve a new nuclear power station in Hinckley and the government’s enthusiasm for nuclear power, the study has found that only a third (36%) of the population are backing this technique of energy generation with a quarter (26%) actively opposed to the use of nuclear energy.

Almost half (48%) of those taking part in the study admitted that their biggest fear is energy prices and worrying about being able to afford to pay their bills. This shows an 8% increase from the 40% who said the same in July.

Furthermore, the rapidly rising prices are causing concern for the majority (84%), who are worried about the future of their bills, remaining consistent with the results published a year ago (83%). The research goes on to reveal that people are now struggling to meet the costs of energy bills more than other bills, with 13% claiming they now struggle – compared to just 8% in September 2012.

Despite the concerns that have been raised and how affordable consumers find their bills, there has been no increase in the number of people looking to switch to another provider to make savings. A third (34%) said they look to switch in the next 12 months which is unchanged from September 2012. 

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