Survey finds Brits want energy subsidies to be spent on reducing energy waste

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13th November 2015 10:32 - Utilities

According to the findings of a recent survey commissioned by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), British people would most like toSurvey finds Brits want energy subsidies to be spent on reducing energy waste see energy subsidies spent on reducing energy waste.

The poll – which was aimed at encouraging the UK Government to divulge the results of its energy policy reset – revealed that 79 per cent of people back subsidies for schemes that reduce energy waste by insulating houses.

In July 2015, the UK Government got rid of its Green Deal energy efficiency scheme by refusing to extent the loan facility of the Green Deal Finance Company, which was the provider of financing packages for the pay-as-you-save initiative.

Business and green groups alike have suggested that axing the Green Deal has left a “void” in the efficiency policy provided by the Government. They also said that this could be attributed to the loss of approximately 2,000 green jobs.

The businesses and green groups also warned that if a new energy efficiency strategy is not established, more jobs will be cut and the industry’s ability to meet future demand will be threatened.

Last month, the Department of Energy & Climate Change released figures which indicated that the number of energy saving measures, which were installed via the Green Deal and ECO (the Energy Companies Obligation) schemes, fell to the lowest figure it had been in 2 and a half years, marking a continuation of the slowdown in the energy efficiency market since the Government axed the Green Deal.

The Government has insisted that it is committed to the Tory’s pledge of enhancing energy efficiency of one million fuel-poor homes across the United Kingdom. In turn, they have pledged that a new policy regime will be created.

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit survey also indicated high levels of support from the public for renewable energy subsidies. Around 75 per cent of the respondents said they back subsidies for solar power and 66 per cent said the same for wind subsidies.

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