Survey finds a shortage of engineers in the water industry

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12th February 2016 12:58 - Utilities

A recent survey of recruitment agencies has revealed that employers in the UK are struggling to fill vacancies for skilled workers, with many Survey finds a shortage of engineers in the water industryengineers entering the jobs market, but not filling the water industry’s vacancies.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), has recently published a report, which highlighted that skills shortage positions now make up 25 per cent of all job vacancies, which shows an increase from 91,000 in 2011, to 209,000 last year.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills spoke to 91,000 employers and discovered that the problem is especially severe in some sectors. More than 1 in 3 vacancies in the water, electricity, gas and construction are now as a result of the skills gap, closely followed by transport and manufacturing. The only skills shortage below 10 per cent was found to be public administration.

Director of Finlay Jude Associates - a multi-sector recruitment agency – Lisa Greenhalgh, said that the skills gap in the water industry a big problem – big enough for her agency to be asked to train up raw recruits.

Since October, Finlay Jude Associates has been working alongside job centres and colleges to train up the recruits. Greenhalgh suggested that the skills shortages are improving, with her first cohort of trainees entering assistant engineer jobs.

According to Alan Smith, a seasoned professional in the water industry and owner of recruitment company, Water People, his company have seen examples of the skills shortage first-hand. Smith attributed the issue to poor succession planning, with water firms reducing operation costs, which means fewer opportunities arise for water industry talent to build a successful career.

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