Survey finds majority of the public support renewable energy

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5th October 2015 15:12 - Utilities

A recent survey of UK households, conducted by Co-operative Energy, has revealed that more than half (53 per cent) of people would support Survey finds the majority of the public support renewable energya wind farm being built within two miles of their property.

The survey also revealed that there is considerable public support for local renewable energy projects, following the Government’s decision to consult on the withdrawal of subsides for community energy generation investment.

Commissioned ahead of Community Energy Fortnight, the survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed that 78 per cent of the public would be in favour of local renewable energy projects, which would be owned and controlled locally with profits going towards the community.

According to the findings, public support for solar energy is also strong, with the respondents citing solar as the most popular form of electricity generation. Of the respondents, 30 per cent said that it would be their ideal energy source, and 65 per cent said that they would be in favour of a solar farm within two miles of their household.

The findings revealed that shale gas is the least popular method of energy generation, with just 2 per cent of the respondents being in favour of it.

The researchers discovered that the findings were consistent irrespective of political party support, which indicates that the issue of renewable energy investment is not associated with which party one supports.

It was discovered that age was a prominent factor in the levels of support for local onshore wind schemes. Of the respondents aged between 18 and 24, it was found that there was great support, with 62 per cent saying that they were in favour and just 11 per cent admitting to being against the schemes. It was also found that there was significantly less support amongst the respondents aged 65 and above, with 43 per cent claiming to be in favour and 33 per cent saying that they were against the plans.

Although, when the respondents were asked if they’d support wind farms owned by and for the benefit of local communities, the older age brackets showed increased support for wind farms near to where they live. Of the people aged over 65, 59 per cent were in support for wind turbines near their property. Just 15 per cent did not agree.

A notable majority of the respondents claimed they were willing to pay a small premium on their energy bills to support the development of renewable energy.

47 per cent of the public were in favour, however, 30 per cent were against.

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