Survey finds most British people in favour of smart meters

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6th February 2017 16:31 - Utilities

Survey finds most British people in favour of smart meters: According to a recent utilities survey by Smart Energy GB, the vast majority of people who have had a smart meter installed in their homes would recommend the technology to others, at a rate of 81 per cent.Survey finds most British people in favour of smart meters

The survey also revealed that many British people who have smart meters use them regularly to keep their energy costs from spiralling out of control. By nature, smart meters send meter readings to energy suppliers automatically and are supposed to produce accurate energy bills and give customers greater control over their energy usage. Further to this, the survey discovered that in-home displays are also being used to keep gas and electricity bills under control, as they display how much energy is being used in pounds and pence in real time. Every household is offered a free in-home display when they get their smart meters from their energy suppliers.

Of the respondents who own an in-home display, 88 per cent said that they have a greater awareness of how much money they are saving on energy, in comparison to the 76 per cent of people who said the same about their smart meter only.

80 per cent of the in-house display owners said that they use theirs a few times per month.

By 2020, the UK government expects to install approximately 53 million smart meters in both businesses and homes throughout the country. Everyone in Britain will be offered a smart meter and installation at no additional cost.

Of the 10,000 people who took part in the survey, some 82 per cent said that they have actively taken at least one step to help reduce their energy usage.

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