Survey finds strong public support for renewable energy in the UK

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26th May 2015 11:53 - Utilities

According to figures from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, support for renewable energy, amongst the British public, remains Survey finds strong public support for renewable energy in the UKat a high level.

The figures reveal that 78 per cent of the British public are in favour of using renewable energy to provide electricity, fuel and heat.

71 per cent of the respondents also believed that renewable energy provides economic benefits to the United Kingdom.

Amongst the participants of the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s public attitude tracker, 81 per cent favoured solar energy, making it the most popular renewable energy source.

Closely following solar energy was tidal energy (74 per cent), offshore wind (65 per cent) and biomass (63 per cent).

The figures highlight a stark contrast between the support for renewable energy sources and and the support for other technologies, such as nuclear, which just 39 per cent were in favour of. However, the amount of people who supported hydraulic fracturing for shale gas – or fracking – was even lower, with just 24 per cent claiming to be in favour of it.

The report also showed that 66 per cent of the respondents are very or fairly worried about climate change. A further 72 per cent said that they were very or fairly worried about the UK becoming too dependent on energy overseas.

The Renewable Energy Association added that it has also conducted an internal survey of its members, and discovered that 95 per cent of renewable industries believe that renewable energy problems were not focused on enough, as a result of the general election campaign earlier in the month, whereby the main parties failed to place enough emphasis on the needs of the industry.

CEO of the Renewable Energy Association, Dr Nina Skorupska, said of the findings: “Public support for renewables has been consistently high for many years, with the benefits to energy security and climate change clear. Renewables hold the key to decarbonising the UK and the growth of our sector goes hand in hand with future proofed resilient and cheaper bills and thousands of skilled jobs across the country.

“Despite this, our membership survey showed that renewable energy companies across the country have felt sidelined during the election campaign. Therefore, as we approach the election it is vital that the political parties acknowledge the public’s support for our sector and work with us to enable the renewables industry to thrive”.

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