Survey finds those who voted for Brexit are more likely to be against clean energy

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27th June 2016 12:57 - Utilities

A recent utilities survey, which was published in the days before the EU referendum, has revealed that of the 1,618 people who intended to vote in the referendum, the individuals who intended to vote leave were much more likely to be against clean energy developments.

Those who intended to vote to leave the EU were almost twice as likely to be sceptical of man-made climate change, in comparison with those who voted to remain.

The survey questioned 809 prospective leave voters and 809 prospective remain voters to reveal that one in five people who supported the Brexit did not believe that humans are the cause of climate change, making those who voted to leave twice as likely as remain voters to deny that humans cause climate change.

As well as this, more than two in three leave voters were found to believe that the media amplifies the level of scientific consensus on human activity causing climate change.

The respondents who intended to vote leave were also more likely to have negative feelings towards onshore wind farms in rural areas and were more likely to be in favour of fracking.

However, the survey did suggest that some groups of people within the leave group were likely to be in favour of wind farms, with 80 per cent of those aged 18-24, who intended to vote leave, saying that they supported wind farms, in comparison with only 62 per cent of those aged 65 and above.

The survey was commissioned by a clean energy investor and campaigner, Assaad Razzouk, who said that the survey findings were disheartening as they imply that many people refuse to acknowledge clear scientific findings, which in turn undercuts the efforts of Britains world-leading scientists.

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