Survey reveals majority of Scottish people in support of renewable energy

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31st October 2018 17:50 - Utilities

Survey reveals majority of Scottish people in support of renewable energy:  The results of a poll for Scottish Renewables found that most Scottish people welcome the use and further development of renewable energy, with almost 8  in 10 in favour of supporting the next Scottish Government with any development plans.

When it comes to wind farms, almost 7 in 10 said they are in support of the further development of onshore wind energy.

In fact, a wide range of renewable energy sources have support from the majority of Scots, including biomass (67%), offshore wind (77%)  and solar energy (81%).  
The survey of 1036 people across Scotland revealed especially strong support for the use and possible development of wave and tidal energy, with 80% seeing it as a desirable energy choice to supply the country. In southern Scotland, this figure rises to 95%, one of the highest percentages to support any kind of renewable energy.
The greatest support for onshore wind energy is in mid-Scotland and Fife, where 74% are in favour of the development of wind power stations on land. The region with the least support is southern Scotland, which has around 56% willing to back them.
The survey also gave insight into opinions around nuclear energy, which remains controversial in comparison to the popularity of renewable energy options. Currently, Scotland has only two nuclear power stations, and when respondents were asked whether they supported the building of nuclear power stations in Scotland, just 33% answered 'yes'. 
There was also a split in opinion based on gender, with more women than men being in opposition to the building of new nuclear power stations. 
When it comes to fracking, almost a third (32%) were in support of it being permitted in Scotland. 
Jenny Hogan, deputy chief executive of Scottish Renewables said: “Many renewable energy developments take place in rural areas, providing jobs and economic opportunities that otherwise might not have existed.”

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