Survey reveals people in London are least likely to change energy suppliers

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16th May 2018 17:09 - Utilities

londoners least likely to change energy supplier Survey reveals people in London are least likely to change energy suppliers: A survey has shed light upon the areas of the UK most likely to change energy suppliers, with London dwellers least likely to make the switch at 44%.

The research also found people in the capital were the least happy with their energy company. The survey conducted by Which? polled 8,397 people online about how satisfied they were with their current utilities supplier, as well as asking them if they had changed provider in favour of a better deal and why.

Of all the regions most likely to change provider of gas and electric, Yorkshire came top, with 60 per cent saying they had switched - followed by the East of England (58%), East Midlands (57%) and the South East (57%).

After London, The South West and Scotland were the least likely UK regions to switch with just over half (53%) saying they had made the change.

Renting v Home ownership - who switches most?

Other interesting findings showed a divide between renters and homeowners with 68% of those with mortgages or owning their own homes saying they had moved energy suppliers, compared to just 42% of tenants.

Most satisfied customers in the UK

When it comes to being happy with the energy providers, Wales topped the charts with 43% saying they were very satisfied with their energy supplier. London once again was least happy with just 30% saying they were ‘very satisfied’. People in the east Midlands were the second most happy customers with 39% saying they were 'very satisfied', closely followed by the South West (38%), the North West (38%) and Yorkshire and Humber (37%). Least satisfied customers were found in Scotland (32%), the East of England (35%) and the West Midlands (36%).

Giving reasons for why they switched, 79% said it was because of a lower price offered at another company, while 31% said it was because the company offered them better levels of customer service. Others made the move because of an ‘expert’ recommendation (22%) or because of the supplier having a good reputation (22%).

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