Survey reveals smart meter problems faced by over half customers when switching energy suppliers

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27th March 2019 14:22 - Utilities

Survey reveals smart meter problems faced by over half customers when switching energy suppliers: A survey by Which? has shed light on issues experienced by customers who have switched energy suppliers, with more than half reporting problems with smart meter compatibility.

The research polled almost 3,000 people who have smart meters and found 58% found that once switching suppliers their smart meter, smart meter data display or both units no longer worked.

When it came to the number of people who have successfully switched and the smart meter continuing to work, 42% reported no issues, with just under a third (32%) saying their new supplier replaced their existing smart meter for a new one when they made the switch.

Asking respondents about the effect a smart meter has had on their energy consumption, just over a third (34%) said they had seen their consumption decrease, while a fifth said they had noticed an increase since getting the device fitted.

In terms of how happy customers are with their smart meters, 72% of those who have a device rated their supplier ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ at helping them to understand more about how to reduce their consumption. This compares to 63% who do not have a smart meter installed.

A Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy spokeswoman said: “The upgrade to the national smart metering network to support the enrolment of first-generation smart meters has started and will be completed by the end of 2020 to ensure all devices stay smart when switching.

“Around 90% of smart meters installed continue to operate in smart mode and those which have temporarily lost smart functionality will be prioritised for enrolment into the network.”

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