UK Public Support Nuclear Energy But Not Near Their Homes

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9th September 2011 19:31 - Utilities

A Populous poll conducted in August has revealed that 41% of people think that the benefits of nuclear power are greater than the risks.

This figure is an increase from the previous year's 38% and the 32% in 2005 who felt this way.

Although the recent crisis in Japan and the resultant damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami has fuelled a great deal of media attention, surprisingly the tragedy seems to have done nothing to dampen public opinion when it comes to the construction of a new plant here in the UK.

A spokesman for the Association, who commissioned the poll, commented: "The number of people who think we should build more nuclear power stations has risen dramatically since 2005, with 23% agreeing with this today, compared with only 9% in 2005. In fact, a poll taken shortly before the Fukushima disaster showed that 17% agreed with this, so since then there is actually greater support for the construction nuclear power stations,"

Despite the public's apparent enthusiasm for nuclear energy, of the people polled only 13% thought that their communities would welcome a new nuclear plant in their vicinity, with 67% claiming they would be against its construction.

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