Utilities survey reveals that over one third of people prefer bottled water to tap

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19th September 2017 12:27 - Utilities

Utilities survey reveals that over one third of people prefer bottled water to tap: Conducted by water supplier Queensland Urban Utilities, the survey reveals that 35 per cent of respondents prefer bottled water to tap – resulting in Australians spending an average of $600 million on bottled water, per each.Utilities survey reveals that over one third of people prefer bottled water to tap

For those whom were in favour bottled water over tap water,

-       47 per cent said it tasted better

-       38 percent believed that bottled water is better quality

-       19 per cent believed that bottled water is better for their health

Nonetheless, according to Urban Utilities 2016 annual report, Australian utility organisations received fewer complaints with regard to drinking water quality. 

Out of 100,000 water quality tests, the number of samples that failed to meet the country’s bacterial and chemical compliance regulations decreased over the past two years, as in 2015/16, 14 samples failed the test, compared to 20 samples in 2013/14.

The annual report also mentioned that out of the 400 people surveyed by Queensland Urban Utilities for the 2015 Customer Perceptions Survey, 54 per cent were aware of the sewerage services provided by the utilities firm.

In addition to this, responses were also recorded across 19 other water utilities companies, with the aim of gaining more of an understanding of how consumers perceive water. Furthermore, Australia’s Don’t Flush That’ and “Turn to Tap” campaigns are also advertised to improve awareness of their sewerage systems, and the quality checks that are put in place to provide people with clean drinking water.

Acting Engagement, Education and Partnerships Manager at Sydney Water, Donna Lewis, said: "Our research found that the perception of water quality is the primary driver for choosing bottled water over tap. The reasons for this association are numerous, but much of it comes down to clever marketing campaigns by bottled water distributors."

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