Water quality in English rivers and lakes worse than in 2010, survey reveals

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12th July 2018 15:09 - Utilities

Water quality in English rivers and lakes worse than in 2010: A European survey into the quality of water in European rivers and lakes has found England in the bottom half of the European table – with freshwater quality having deteriorated since 2010. 
The findings are part of the European Environmental Agency's (EAA) State of our Waters research, which reviewed 130,000 rivers, lakes and estuaries throughout Europe over the past six years.  It found that across Europe only 40% of surface water was deemed to have ‘good’ or ‘high’ ecological status or potential. 
The EAA's study found that overall there has been a marginal improvement in freshwater quality throughout Europe since the last samples were taken, however EU environment commissioner, Karmenu Vella said, “much more has to be done” to get more surface and groundwater bodies up to a ‘good rating’. 
The study found that across Europe around 40% of surface waters were deemed in good ecological health, while only 38% had a good status when it came to chemical readings. Forty-six percent failed to reach ‘good’ status and 16% had a status ‘unknown’. 
Groundwaters were generally found to have the best status, with 74% achieving a good chemical and 89% achieving a good quantitative rating. 
Peter Kristensen, who put together the report told The Guardian: “England is comparable to countries in central Europe with a high proportion of water bodies failing to reach good status. The situation is much better in Scotland, where only around 45% of sites failed [to meet minimum standards].”
He also noted that factors such as population density, agricultural methods and the maintenance of bodies of water throughout Europe, contributed to the results.  
You can read the report here 

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