Wessex Water finds 6,570 litres of water is wasted in SW England

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19th August 2015 17:41 - Utilities

A recent water survey, conducted on behalf of Wessex Water, has discovered that one in three people in South West England are wasting Wessex Water finds 6,570 litres of water is wasted in SW Englandapproximately 6,570 litres of water per year.

The researchers revealed that individuals who spend more than 10 minutes taking a shower waste up to 1 litre of water minute, every day. As well as this, those who leave the tap running whilst brushing their teeth waste more than nine litres of water per minute.

The survey also revealed that one in five people living in the South West of England take unnecessarily long showers, which is potentially an expensive luxury for consumers on a water meter.

As well as reducing the time spent in the shower by four minutes, and turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth, individuals could also save water by using watering cans instead of garden hoses, only using washing machines when the machine is full and also checking for leaky taps – all of these actions could make a big impact on household water bills.

Efficiency Project Manager at Wessex Water, Julie Morton, said of the findings:

"[The respondents] were surprised to discover how much water can be wasted just from simple, day-to-day activities around the house."

Morton also added: "Customers can check their water usage by using the water and energy calculator on our website."

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