A Festive Thank You From DJS Research

22nd December 2011 09:58

At DJS Research Ltd we appreciate not only the people who make up our clientele or those who supply our offices, but also our network of field-interviewers, telephone-interviewers, and, most importantly, the people who respond to our research.

This year we have interviewed tens of thousands of respondents and have relied on the skill and professionalism of hundreds of interviewers in numerous different countries across the globe. These people have contributed towards diverse studies which touched issues such as organ, blood and tissue donation; alcohol self-help; customer satisfaction; employee satisfaction; further education; cancer awareness; social housing; utilities satisfaction; museums; professional development; budget shopping; real estate; marketing; fashion; medical devices and food products.
Though it seems obvious at first, we appreciate the tremendous service which the public do for our company, and would like very much to thank them for it. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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