DJS Research Starts 2014 With Promotions, New Hires

3rd January 2014 10:14

2014 is set to be a further year of strong growth for DJS Research Ltd, with the agency aiming to reach the £3 million mark at the conclusion of the financial year. As a result, several additional team members have been brought on board, whilst others have been promoted to more senior roles as the New Year begins.

First among the promotions is Alexandra Noden who has been made a Senior Research Executive. Alex is a qualified counsellor and has past experience in a number of head office retail settings – particularly as a merchandiser for a major mail order company. Since joining DJS Research, Alex has taken and passed the MRS Advanced Certificate and has developed in to a vital member of the research team. Although she works within a cross-section of industries, Alex is particularly experienced in retail aimed at children, and manages an account for one of the world’s most well-known toy manufacturers. In addition, she is an integral part of a team of researchers developing the agency’s children and youth research offer.

Claire Jackson, who has been with DJS Research since 2009, has also been promoted to Research Executive. Claire initially started with the agency in an Operations role, and eventually came to manage a large proportion of the agency’s fieldwork requirements. In January 2013, Claire made the sideways move in to a research role, where she has performed strongly – working mainly in industrial markets and food production and retail.

DJS Research has also moved to strengthen their Operations department – providing services both internally to the research team and to external agencies and direct clients.

As part of this development, Lyn Allen has moved in to a newly-created Research Manager role within the Operations team. Lyn, who has more than twenty years’ market research experience, is responsible for ensuring that any field and data outputs are appropriate for the next stage of analysis; she also manages stand-alone field and tab projects for end clients and ensures the overall quality of any pre-analysis.

In addition to Lyn, both Julia Schofield and Hee Rha have accepted permanent roles within the agency’s in-house, 60-station CATI unit. Julia will take on responsibility for the on-going management of a large-scale customer satisfaction and NPS tracking project which sees DJS interviewers complete around 600 consumer interviews daily. Hee will assist Paul Hylands in the day to day management of the wider telephone unit, including ensuring available resource, and directly managing team leaders and individual members of DJS’ trained B2B, consumer and foreign language interviewing teams.

Talking about the changes and additions to the Research and Operational teams, Danny Sims, Managing Director at DJS Research Ltd, had the following to say:

Our growth over the last few months has been fantastic. We have formed some excellent partnerships with clients, both new and old, and in order to ensure we can continue to offer the same high quality service it made sense that we should add to our team – particularly in the Operations Department which is a real focus at the moment. We also felt that several individuals deserved recognition for their excellent performance over the last year, and I’d like to congratulate all of those who have been promoted.”

Finally, the growth of agency has necessitated an increasing amount of administration and support. In light of this, DJS Research are pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Williams as a HR and Payroll Assistant, whilst Elliot Simmonds has been promoted to Senior Marketing Executive and will continue to lead marketing at the agency, focussing on developing several new offers in the coming months.

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