DJS Research in the Headlines - Water Matters Report 2018

29th July 2019 12:29

A piece of research conducted by DJS Research for the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has been making a splash in the media since it was published earlier this month. 
The research questioned 5158 customers across England and Wales to get feedback on satisfaction levels across a variety of areas including water services, sewerage services, value for money and billing. It found most were satisfied with the service they receive (90% for water and 85% for sewerage), however, satisfaction levels were much lower (63%) when it came to fairness of charges. 
The research also found that satisfaction levels in both water and sewerage services has fallen significantly since last year's research. This year, 90% of customers report being satisfied with services - compared to 92% in 2017. Similarly, 85% of respondents reported they are satisfied with sewerage services - a drop from 88% 12 months ago.
Satisfaction levels when it comes to value for money have stayed the same as last year, at 72% (water) and 75% (sewerage).
The research survey also found that customers in Wales are more satisfied with the services and value they receive from their water company than those in England.
Findings from the report have been published in national media including the Metro and The Times, with CCWater advocating the industry builds a 'stronger relationship' with their customers and taking any concerns they have seriously.  
Speaking about the findings of the research, CCWater head of policy, Dr Mike Keil commented: 
"Customers perceptions over the fairness of their bills have languished behind satisfaction with service for almost a decade and companies cannot afford to ignore people's concerns any longer.
"Fairness reflects people’s wider views and confidence in the industry and companies that are complacent run the risk of increasing discontent among their customers.”
The data from the Water Matters research is shared with water companies so they can 'further unpick' why customers hold their views as well as use it alongside their own research.  
"We are keen for our research to be widely used to help drive positive change in the water sector, " said Keil. "It’s clear from this year’s results and the long-term trends that there are lots of opportunities for companies to utilise and build on this data to improve the services they provide and the perceptions their customers hold."
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