Learn more about your alumni relationship with our alumnus offer

6th September 2019 14:27

DJS Research's alumnus offer helps HEIs better understand their alumni relationship...

Would you like to know more about the health of your alumni relationship, see how your institution compares to other HEIs and learn more about ways you can improve?  

Our alumni research offer helps universities understand a range of attributes and outcomes, including alumni affinity, communications expectations, propensity to volunteer and contribute financially and how these differ between sub-groups within the alumni body. The survey can also be used to update contact details where necessary.

"We’ve been hugely impressed with alumnus in terms of the quality of their work and their collaborative approach – we'd highly recommend alumnus to all universities looking to conduct alumni market research”  - University of Nottingham

If you would like to know more email alumnus@djsresearch.com or phone 01663 767 857.

Experience in the education sector

DJS Research has extensive education sector experience, with researchers who are experts in alumni research. We have just refreshed our Alumnus benchmarking data, enabling us to compare and benchmark alumni relationship metrics against other education institutions, as well as track changes that occur over a given time period.

Knowing more about the relationship your institution has with its alumni can be beneficial in many ways, helping you learn more about your HEIs alumni engagement or delve deeper into a specific area of concern.

If you haven’t undertaken alumni research before, we can talk you through the process and expertly tailor your research to suit the needs of your institution. As we're a full-service agency we can take care of everything in-house, from identifying your initial requirements, questionnaire design and scripting through to conducting focus groups and analysis/interpretation of data. This includes provision of a full alumni segmentation to help drive development outcomes through targeted offers and communications.

To learn more about alumnus and our benchmarking service –as well as read feedback from one of our many satisfied clients – take a look at our alumni market research offering

You can also email alumnus@djsresearch.com or phone 01663 767 857 for further information

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