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DJS Research has a great deal of experience of working within media market research including the advertising and PR sectors, having undertaken a number of research projects for a variety of clients.

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Media Market Research
Researchers at DJS are skilled in offering market research to clients in the media industry. We can provide you with the insight that you require whether your focus lies with online or offline mediums (or a mix).

In terms of the audience-facing services that you provide, we can analyse the content you are exporting to the viewer, reader or listener, and help you to understand what you can do provide a service to meet the needs of your users and increase their loyalty to you.
DJS can devise a project to analyse media consumption patterns and track changing consumer needs in an increasingly integrated market. We can also plot your position in the market and monitor any changes in this over time.  

To view the latest media and publishing issue of Insights - our sector specific market research newsletter - please click here.

The DJS research team recognises the value that market research can add to any advertising campaign. In fact, we would go further to say that at the backbone of every strong ad campaign is good market research, both during development and at the execution stage. We want to help you to make your advertising budget stretch further by ensuring any campaign you run works effectively with cost efficiency.

Whether you wish to formulate ideas and direction for a new ad campaign, want to test the effectiveness of an ad concept that you have devised, or need to review the ongoing success and relevance of a current campaign, we at DJS have the expertise to help you.

On the qualitative side, we can conduct focus groups and mini-depths to test the viability of potential campaigns or the suitability of a current campaign. In terms of quantitative approaches, we have the capacity and experience to conduct large scale hall tests, in street and telephone interviewing and online surveys, measuring perceptions and suitability using relevant stimuli. Irrespective of methodology, we will work with you to obtain the information that you require to take your ad campaign forward.

As with advertising, market research also forms the backbone of any PR campaign and at DJS, we can provide you with the knowledge and statistics you need to promote your goods or services. Moreover, we can profile your audience and provide you with the necessary information to ensure that your message is being projected in the correct manner, via the correct mediums, to the right people.

We can help you understand your audience and the modes by which they are most accessible. We can conduct research to assess the messages that will be most relevant to them to help you package this message in the most effective manner. Most importantly, we will equip you with the tools to help you squeeze the most out of your public relations budget.

Please feel free to have a look at our media and pr sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Media and PR Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Media and PR Twitter account: @DJS_Media_PR

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