Case Study

Sectors: Media and PR
Service(s): Data Processing and Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting, Project Design, Quantitative, Telephone Surveys
Approach(es): Customer Insight

The Challenge

The overall objective was to measure levels of satisfaction with the service provided by Abacus.

In order to achieve this, more specific objectives were:

  • To understand how Abacus performs in key service areas
  • To identify key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy amongst customers allowing Abacus to target resources to improve performance on these headline indicators
  • To understand how the Abacus brand is perceived
  • To gauge media and networking habits and preferences and measure awareness and usage of the new website
  • To understand the future behaviour of Abacus customers

The Approach

The survey was conducted using the DJS in-house CATI phone unit.

The questionnaire was designed jointly by Abacus and DJS and was 10-15 minutes in length.

Respondents were contacted from a list provided by Abacus and we spoke to 84 individual contacts from over 70 different companies with a response rate of around 50%.

The Results

Overall satisfaction with the products and services provided by Abacus was very high – around 90% for satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Due to high levels of satisfaction amongst customers, DJS Research undertook driver analysis for satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy in order to provide Abacus with a deeper understanding of their customers.



"From the inception of the project, DJS has acted in a professional, courteous manner and given us the confidence to carry out this project. Upon delivery of the results, we received more insight than expected and would wholeheartedly recommend DJS to any business looking to initiate a similar research project".

Richard Wright, Marketing Director, Abacus

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