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In today's competitive market place happy customers are paramount to the success of any business (something we continually preach when conducting our customer satisfaction surveys). As such, for each and every project we take on, we aim not only to meet client expectations but exceed them.

It's all very well saying the above (anyone can) but at DJS Research Ltd we monitor our performance against these objectives. At the end of every project we send a customer satisfaction survey to assess our performance and to aid our continual quality improvement.
Results from our clients Customer Satisfaction Surveys are extremely positive. Currently 99% of our clients since 2001 are satisfied with our service. In addition, last year two thirds of our projects were from repeat clients and the other third (new clients) said that they were very likely to use us in the future (and some are already doing so). To see our latest live customer satisfaction results and a breakdown of key service attributes, please click here: Live Customer Satisfaction Survey Results.

Our most recent testimonials are outlined below. Also, you can use the drop down scroll bars at the bottom of the page to select specific case studies and testimonials. You can view them by making your selections and then clicking on the relevant logo.

Professional Membership Body (Chartered Institute) (January 2016)

"We found DJS to be professional and able to turn around any requests very quickly. Overall the quality of information was good, costings were reasonably priced and the staff were friendly and approachable."

Honesty Foods Ltd (December 2015)

"I rang DJS because I had read somewhere that they were very good. The first person I spoke to (I'm pretty sure it was David Marchant) was excellent. He explained really well how DJS could help me and then he got Becca Harris to contact me. Becca and I had a conversation and I then received a quote. I followed this up with a meeting with Becca and Anthea and then got to work with Becca on the screener and questionnaire.

Then because Becca hurt her back, Lian got involved. Lian then became my main point of contact, and worked with me almost on a day-to-day basis, working through the recruitment screener and the actual research questions. I then delivered the samples and throughout the process Lian kept me informed of progress and the date by which I would have the final results.

Throughout, from the initial phone call through to the delivery of the final research, I felt that someone at DJS was holding my hand. This has been my first experience of product market research and it has felt like I'm working with colleagues. I will definitely use DJS again."

Engineering Council (November 2015)

"It was a pleasure to work with such a professional team. David was very approachable and quickly understood our requirements; the interviewers did a great job in overcoming language barriers and maintaining the interest of the respondents despite the length of the calls."

Sprue Safety Products (November 2015)

"Well managed and well presented by David who was very knowledgeable, in control of the presentation and unfazed by questions from senior members of the Sprue Management and Executive team. It was also great to have Kate on the team. We like her heading up the account, and welcome her confidence, experience, and insights"

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