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As a full service agency, DJS Research (DJS) offers help with all elements of the research process including research design. Each member of the senior research team is skilled and experienced in project setup and management. We can work with you to help you get the exact information that you require from your research project.

At DJS, our approach is heavily client-focused as we understand that the needs and objectives of each and every client are unique. At the beginning of your project, DJS will work with you to define your research objectives and, once these are established, tailor a bespoke approach.

We also understand that timings and budgetary requirements differ from client to client and we have the flexibility to tailor our approach to suit your needs.

We like our clients to be as engaged with the research process as they would like to be. If you want to be involved at each stage of the process, we welcome and value your input. Similarly, if you would like DJS to conduct the project and simply deliver the findings to you at the conclusion of the project, we are happy to work on this basis too.

The research design services we can offer include:

  • Helping you define your objectives
  • Designing a questionnaire that will meet your objectives
  • Tailoring an appropriate and cost effective methodology to meet your research and budgetary requirements
  • Hands on assistance from senior researchers throughout the design process

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