Case Study
Forest Heath District Council

Sectors: Local Government
Public Consultation
Service(s): Data Processing and Analysis, Face-to-face, Interpretation and Reporting, Quantitative
Approach(es): Consumer, Customer Insight, Customer Profiling, Public Consultation

The Challenge

Forest Heath District Council conducted a resident survey in 2008 which sought the views of residents on the parks and open spaces facilities available throughout the district.
The council wished to repeat the survey again in 2010 to reassess residents’ views but to also gauge whether improvements made since the previous study had been noticed by residents.

DJS Research Ltd was commissioned to undertake a quantitative face-to-face survey with a cross section of residents from the Forest Heath District Council area.

The Approach

Over 350 structured on-street interviews were conducted in Mildenhall, Lakenheath, Newmarket and Brandon, split equally in terms of where residents lived.

All were randomly approached to take part in the survey and were residents within the Forest Heath District Council area.

Interviews lasted on average 10 minutes in length.

Emphasis was placed on attempting to achieve a similar profile of respondents to 2008 and this was broadly achieved.

The Results

Insightful research findings were fed back to Forest Heath District Council highlighting results for the key objectives; key improvement areas from the 2008 study and areas for future improvement. 
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