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Qualitative Market Research

DJS Research Ltd have vast experience in conducting qualitative market research and are able to adopt the full range of qualitative methodologies, including:

  • Focus groups or group discussions/mini groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Observation
  • Telephone depth interviews
  • Online group discussions
  • Accompanied surfs/web enabled groups

All qualitative market research is carried out by our own senior team of researchers (see people for our profiles).

If you are unfamiliar with qualitative market research we have outlined some background information below...    

Qualitative research aims to provide an understanding of how or why things are as they are.  For example, a Market Researcher may ask a group of mobile phone users to explain how they chose their tariff product and why they chose that one.  This discussion may cover how they use their phone, how they get information on mobile phone tariffs, how they select a supplier and other things besides.

Unlike quantitative research there is no fixed set of questions but, instead, a topic guide (or discussion guide) is used to explore various issues in depth. In qualitative research the discussion between the interviewer (or moderator) and the respondent is largely determined by the respondent’s own thoughts and feelings. The interview tends to be longer than a quantitative interview and fewer interviews are conducted.

There are various types of qualitative market research methodologies.  Research of this sort is mostly done face to face. One of the best known techniques is the market research focus group discussion.  These are usually made up of 6 to 8 targeted respondents, a research moderator whose role is to ask the required questions, draw out answers, and encourage discussion, and an observation area usually behind one way mirrors, and video and/or audio taping facilities. A series of market research focus groups are usually conducted together - often around 4-6 per project.

In addition, qualitative market research can also be conducted on a 'one on one' basis i.e. an in-depth market research interview with a trained executive interviewer and one respondent, a paired depth (two respondents), a triad (three respondents) or a mini group discussion (4-5 respondents).

For information about our Ethnography offer, please see: Ethnography Market Research

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