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Survey finds 109 journalists were killed in 2015

18th January 2016 15:16

According to a survey, which documented the potentially deadly dangers which journalists face all over the world, at least 109 journalists were killed in crossfire, bombs or targeted killings in 2015. Figures from the International Federation of Journalists… Read more...

Parents are more concerned with raunchiness in films, rather than violence

21st December 2015 10:45

A recent survey, commissioned by the Classification & Rating Administration, has revealed that American parents are far more concerned by the appearance of sex in films, rather than violence - realistic or not. The survey, entitled the 2015 Parents Ratings… Read more...

Survey finds 1 per cent of UK TV shows have a BAME director

19th November 2015 17:15

A recent survey by industry body, Directors UK, has revealed that only 1.5 per cent of UK TV programmes are directed by a black, Asian or ethnic minority (BAME) director. Further to this, the period drama category has no BAME directors. The survey of 55,675… Read more...

Survey finds the public support the BBC’s online journalism

11th November 2015 10:47

The BBC have recently stood up against the critics who said that the organisation should stop publishing online journalism by commissioning a piece of research which revealed that the public largely support the BBC’s online media, despite it making… Read more...

Marketing budgets are increasing, survey finds

28th October 2015 10:55

A report into marketing spend has revealed that marketing budgets are expected to increase for the tenth quarter in a row, on the back of concerns about the global economy as marketing professionals demand greater accountability. Of the companies in the survey,… Read more...

Survey finds media agencies may be used less by 2020

5th October 2015 13:23

A recent marketing and media survey- conducted by media consultancy, MediaSense - has revealed that marketing professionals will use media agencies less by 2020, meaning more marketing activities will be conducted in-house. The survey comprised of several… Read more...

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