1 in 5 showbiz professionals are affected by mental illness, survey finds

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4th February 2015 17:50 - Media and PR

According to a recent survey by Arts and Minds, it was found that 1 in 5 (20 per cent) people working in the entertainment industry have been 1 in 5 showbiz professionals are affected by mental illness, survey finds affected by mental illness, to the point where they have been to get help.

Of the 5,000 showbiz professionals surveyed, 46 per cent claimed that the state of their mental health was ‘poor to average’ and 40 per cent admitted their physical health was the same.

Pippa Harrison, Head of Client Relations at Spotlight, a member of the Arts and Minds initiative, said of the findings, “Obviously we’re just beginning the process of analysing all the survey results – but already the headlines are fascinating. With 46% of respondents describing their mental health as average or poor, it really is bleak. This is exactly why Arts and Minds is so important.”

A large proportion of the respondents disclosed that they experience sleep difficulties, headaches and migraines, and musculoskeletal problems.  Although a large proportion of the respondents had never used recreational drugs.

When asked what the main contributing factors were to the deterioration of their mental health - financial worries, careers not controlled by themselves and lack of work were stated.

The sample claimed that the most prominent issues that professionals face in the showbiz industry were: performance anxiety, worry, self-criticism, mood swings and depression.

Due to a large proportion of the respondents claiming that they had worked in the past six months, Louise Grainger of Equity, another member of the Arts and Mind initiative, claimed that the findings of the survey refuted the idea that those with mental health problems were unable to find work: “The majority had worked in the past six months. That is interesting as the stereotypical image of people not in a good state is that they are struggling and starving.”

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