20 per cent of consumer media consumption is influencer content, survey finds

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27th January 2017 12:28 - Media and PR

20 per cent of consumer media consumption is influencer content, survey finds: According to a survey conducted by PR and content agency, Good Relations, consumers are increasingly viewing influencer content to help them make decisions about purchasing products, with 19 per cent of the average consumer’s total media consumption being made up of influencer content.20% of consumer media consumption is influencer content, survey finds

The market research survey was completed by more than 1,000 individuals over the age of 16 and revealed that 57 per cent had made a purchased as a result of seeing a recommendation by a social media influencer. When looking at the answers of the millennials in the survey, the percentage increased to 69 per cent.

The survey revealed that the average consumer spends one hour and 12 minutes per day viewing influencer content. When looking at how long the respondents aged 18-24 spend viewing influencer content, the average increased to one hour and 27 minutes. Those aged over 45 were found to spend 47 minutes viewing influencer content every day.

When it comes to millennials, the retail, technology and entertainment sectors are the industries where influencers are most powerful, whereas those between 35 and 45 are most influenced by food influencers. Those over the aged of 45 claimed that they rely on travel and health influencers the most.

The findings were published at a time when companies are continuing to see the vale in the sales power that influencers hold. Only recently, the beauty giant, L’Oreal, created a ‘beauty squad’ out of five influencers, which is a new direction for L’Oreal which has relied on celebrity brand ambassadors in the past.

As well as L’Oreal, Nickelodeon has also realised the power which influencers hold, and used then to assist with the launch of some of its biggest programmes and events in 2016, such as the Nickelodeon HALO Awards, the Kids' Choice Awards and the launch of its programme, Game Shakers.

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