56% of female journalists report increased gender inequalities due to Covid-19, according to global survey

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18th August 2020 08:17 - Media and PR

56% of female journalists report increased gender inequalities due to Covid-19: A survey of female journalists around the globe has found that more than half have noticed an increase in gender inequalities in the sector, since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The survey by The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) questioned 558 female journalists from 52 countries to find out more about how the pandemic has affected their lives. 

The poll, which included feedback from 21 journalists in the UK, found that the greatest area affected was the balance of private and professional life (62%), followed by 'responsibilities' (42%), 'salaries' (27%), 'the topics they can cover as part of their role' (24%) and 'opportunities for promotion' (18%). 

The research also found that stress levels have increased for the majority of female journalists, with more than three-quarters (78%) saying this is the case for them. This compares to 14% saying that stress levels have 'stayed the same' during the pandemic and 9% saying they have decreased. 

When asked about the causes of stress, the most common answer given was 'managing multiple duties while working from home' with more than half saying they had been affected in this way (56%), followed by stress caused by fear of the pandemic  itself (43%). Just over two-fifths said they had felt stress due to loss of work or income (42%), while around a fifth (17%) said a lack of childcare. Other reasons given for stress included isolation and solitude, increased workload, and lack of communication with colleagues (18%). 

When asked about the levels of online harassment or bullying at work since the start of the pandemic, 68% said they have seen no change or it has 'stayed the  same', while 15% noted an increase and 14% a reduction. 

Six in 10 (61%) said they had been provided with specific protocols for working at home.

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