60 per cent of marketers are not being sufficiently trained in media

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7th November 2016 17:42 - Media and PR

60 per cent of marketers are not being sufficiently trained in media: According to a recent survey of media agency marketers and senior brand marketers, entitled ‘ID Comms' 2016 Training Survey’, many major brands are not sufficiently investing enough money into media training.60 per cent of marketers are not being sufficiently trained in media

Of senior executives at advertisers and agencies, 60 per cent said that they did not feel that there was enough budget allocated to media training in initiatives. As well as this, less than one in 10 (9.4 per cent) of the respondents said that current media training initiatives were satisfactory.

The survey findings could perhaps indicate an area for concern, as the vast majority of the respondents (96 per cent) said that they believed that media training would give them a competitive advantage.  The Drum recently explored this issue after the highly reported miscalculations by Facebook and Dentsu about how they were charging and reporting for digital advertising.

The massive undervaluing of the importance of media knowledge within a brand’s marketing department has been raised by many sources; however, it may not be as simple as attending training courses or employing someone with media experience within a team. Instead, the entire brand-agency relationship must be considered if client-side marketers are to make certain that they are not caught up in the next media miscalculation scandal.

The core challenge for client-side marketers is lack of budget, whereas agency-side marketers cited the lack of time they are able to commit to media training.

To arrive at the findings, the researchers surveyed 117 senior executives at advertisers and agencies. Marketers from brands with an estimated spend of $2 billion per year were included amongst the respondents, as well as all the major media agency networks.

Approximately 70 per cent of the respondents were based in Europe whereas 20 per cent were from the United States and the remainder represented the rest of the world.

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