7 in 10 people are using news outlets as their main source of coronavirus information, according to poll

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25th March 2020 09:00 - Media and PR

7 in 10 people are using news outlets as their main source of coronavirus information: A Brandwatch Qriously survey has revealed that 69% of the UK public are using news outlets as their main source of news and information on coronavirus. 

The nationally representative survey of 2,031 Brits was conducted at the end of February and gives insight into attitudes of the public after transmission in the UK was first confirmed.

The survey found that second to official news outlets was social media, with two-fifths (42%) saying they were using it for updates on the situation. 

Almost a quarter looked to family, friends and colleagues for information about coronavirus, followed by the local or national government (22%) and health professionals (16%). For 3% none of the listed options were used to gather news. 

The survey also asked respondents what they were doing to help prevent coronavirus infection, with the top answer being 'washing hands with soap and water' (62%). The second most selected option was using hand sanitiser (49%), followed by avoiding large gatherings (28%) and cancelling or not booking holidays (21%). One in ten said they were wearing a facemask as a precaution (10%), with 9% working from home (this survey was undertaken before Boris Johnson's 16 March address saying that all people who can work at home, should, and the 23 March address with much tighter measures). 

Towards the end of February, 21% of respondents were avoiding UK tourist attractions, while 19% were refraining from ordering products from outside of the UK. Respondents were also avoiding the cinema (14%), shopping centres (14%) and restaurants (13%), as well as ordering takeaway (13%) and going to large supermarkets (12%). 

*Respondents were polled between 27 - 29 February (published 4 March).

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