71% of journalists say public has lost trust in media, survey reveals

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31st May 2018 16:11 - Media and PR

71% of journalists say public has lost trust in media: A major survey of journalists around the world has shown that the majority believe readers have lost trust in the media.

The survey was conducted by online marketing company, Cision, and polled 1,355 journalists from around the globe about their thoughts on the media industry and its recent challenges. Although the figure of 71 percent is significant, it is down on last year’s poll which revealed 91 percent felt the public had lost trust. 

Polling journalists from the US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the UK and France, who worked across print, online and broadcast sectors, as well as bloggers, freelancers and social media managers, the 2018 State of the Media Report also revealed that 'fake news' is causing readers to have doubts about the news they consume - with 51 percent saying it causes mistrust. However, only 19 percent of reporters in the UK believe it is one of the main challenges facing the industry.

UK insights

When it comes to trusting news, 54 percent of UK journalists said that press releases were the most trusted source of news and that to attract their attention, press releases needed to have a clear news hook or headline.

The survey also showed that accuracy was of paramount importance and more of a priority than speed - this was according to 81 percent of those surveyed.

When asked what the greatest challenge for news organisations has been over the past year, 37 percent of UK reporters said that traditional media being bypassed by social media and search engines has been a concern, with 26 percent also noting changes to social media algorithms as a potential problem. An example of this is Facebook’s recent move to limit the number of news stories share, in favour of posts from a user’s friends and family.

Cision CEO, Kevin Akeroyd said: “Much like last year’s report, fake news and trust in the media is still a concern, so it’s no surprise that this year’s survey found that being accurate when reporting news is more important than being first.” 

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