75% of consumers would rather see UGC than professional imagery when shopping online, reveals survey

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11th March 2021 13:17 - Media and PR

75% of consumers would rather see UGC than professional imagery when shopping online: A survey by tech company, Bazaarvoice, has found that three in four consumers (75%) would prefer to see customers’ photos and videos while shopping in online stores, rather than professional imagery. A further 66% of the people surveyed believe that the availability of previous shoppers’ photos is 'important' when purchasing a product online.

The survey of over 8,000 participants from the UK, France, Germany, the US, Canada and Australia concluded that Facebook is the most popular social media platform for influencing and purchasing products – 25.3% said they were influenced by posts and 26.4% said they used Facebook to buy a product. On the other hand, Snapchat was reported to be the least influential (2%) and just 2.5% said they had ever bought a product with the help of Snapchat.

When asked about their reasons for wanting to see user-generated content, just under one in four participants (24%) said they wanted to see if there was anything else not clearly visible from the professional product listing, with another 21% stating they wished to see the product in action. Furthermore, around one in six participants (17%) wanted to make sure the product quality was as they hoped it would be and 7% stated the importance of checking the material.

A third of participants stated that they look for a mix of positive and negative reviews when buying online and a further 17% said they preferred user-generated content because they can compare the reviews.

The survey by Bazaarvoice shows the importance of online shopping as 24% of participants stated they buy a product online at least once-per-week. Furthermore, 9% said they purchase online once-per-day and just under one in four said they bought a product online once-per-month.

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