85 per cent of fathers want their children to watch the cartoons they used to

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19th June 2015 14:11 - Media and PR

A recent Netflix survey, which gathered the opinions of 7,000 parents, has found that 85 per cent of fathers worldwide would like their children 85 per cent of fathers want their children to watch the cartoons they used to to watch the same cartoons that they used to view as a child.

As well as this, the survey found that 75 per cent feel like a child all over again when introducing their children to their old favourite cartoons.

Many of the parents said that they feel responsible for keeping the pop culture of their childhood alive.

The survey discovered that watching Netflix Kids on a mobile device is moving towards becoming the modern day version of viewing CBBC. Not only this, but watching Netflix Kids allows parents to have great control over what their children view, giving them a chance to introduce their old favourite cartoons to their child.

Of the respondents 66 per cent said that they watch Netflix Kids with the family.

Erik Barmack, the Vice President of global content acquisition at Netflix, said of the findings:

"The Saturday morning cartoon tradition we grew up with lives on with Netflix, but now families can choose when they want to watch those nostalgic shows together,"

He added: "From Transformers and The Smurfs to My Little Pony and Pokémon, dads are passing down some of the greats already and we’ll keep adding more classics like new versions of Danger Mouse and Care Bears."

The survey revealed that Mexican fathers favour the cartoon, the Pink Panther.

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