American Press Institute survey explores the views of journalism, communications graduates

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17th August 2015 18:14 - Media and PR

The American Press Institute has conducted what’s believed to be the largest survey ever of journalism and communications graduates, with American Press Institute survey explores the views of journalism, communications graduatesthe aim to explore the challenges journalists face today, helping to achieve the overall goal of defining 21st century journalism.

In a survey of more than 10,000 journalism and communications graduates, more than 35 per cent said they produce what they consider to be journalism, although, some of the respondents did not work for traditional news organisations. For example, 17 per cent of those who took part in the survey said that they were employed by commercial brands and still produced content considered as journalism. As well as this, 19 per cent of the respondents working in politics, government and think tanks said the same, accompanied by 20 per cent of those working for a technology company and 34 per cent of entrepreneurs.

Of the respondents who graduated with a degree in journalism – which equated to around three quarters of the total sample – 41 per cent are employed by a news organisation.

The American Press Institute’s survey, entitled “Facing Changes”, is thought to be the first survey to gather journalists’ views on their line of work in approximately 10 years.

“No one had surveyed people in journalism in quite some time, and one reason is it’s hard to know who these journalists are anymore,”API Executive Director Tom Rosenstiel told the Associated Press. “You can’t just go to TV stations and newspapers and say ‘OK, we are interviewing journalists,’ because you would be missing a lot of people that way.”

The findings revealed a clear contrast in journalists’ opinions of the quality of their work, in relation to the quality of journalism in general. Approximately 60 per cent of the respondents said that they felt their work was better than 5 years ago, although, the same figure believe that the quality of journalism is declining, as opposed to 22 per cent who said that journalism is improving.

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