Beauty marketers choosing social media 'influencers' over celebs, survey reveals

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14th June 2018 10:43 - Media and PR

Beauty marketers are choosing social media 'influencers' over celebs: Celebrities are no longer the premier choice for beauty marketers when it comes to promoting products or activities. Instead, ‘influencers’ on social networking and video sites such as Instagram and YouTube are the collaborations many marketers are seeking to grow brands awareness.

A survey of 385 beauty marketing specialists conducted by influencer data tool, Celebrity Intelligence, revealed a staggering 84 per cent would choose an influencer as their top preference for marketing. The same amount (84%) have worked with ‘digital talent’ more over the past year, than traditional celebrities and film actors (33%).

And when it comes to upcoming projects, 83 percent have influencers as their number one choice for marketing activities.

The Influencing Beauty Report is the first of its kind and explores “the impact digital media has had on consumer buying decisions and behavioural patterns” – as well as the impact on the beauty industry as a whole. The report also found that Instagram is by far the most popular social network for beauty collaborations, with 78 percent saying it was their platform of choice. Social media promotion was the most important aspect of influencer collaborations, according to 76% of respondents.

Interestingly, 90 per cent of those questioned agreed that the beauty industry has utilised the power of beauty influencers better than any other industry has managed to so far. The data also reveals that 80 per cent of respondents say influencers are paramount to shaping the views and buying potential of millennial consumers.

Megan Falconer-Taylor, at Celebrity Intelligence, said: "I think the report findings prove that when collaborations are well thought through, there is the potential for influencer marketing to deliver RoI that easily surpasses traditional forms of advertising."

The study found that in 2017, for every £1 spent on digital influencers, beauty marketers could secure a return of £8.81 

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