Britons are Mad for Telly According to Poll

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20th November 2012 11:24 - Media and PR


A poll on behalf of TV streaming service Blinkbox, which questioned 2,000 Britons between 18 and 80 about their viewing habits, has revealed some curious findings.

The average British adult spends three-and-a-half hours per day watching telly. During the course of an adult life spanning 62 years, this equates to as much as nine years of their life watching television, including 16 months repeats and two years wasted on "rubbish" programmes.

This statistic means people spend five times longer than the combined time they spend shopping, playing sport and being intimate with their partners.

The study further discovered that peak viewing time happens over the Christmas period, when the average adult will watch television for five and a half hours daily.

More than three quarters of the respondents admitted to making a point of watching the same festive film every year - with Home Alone named the favourite. It was also shown that male viewers are the least likely to mind watching repeats at this time of year.

In total, people over 65 are the leading demographic for time spent watching TV, at 5.8 hours per day. 

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