Consumers use more than one on-demand video service, survey finds

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7th April 2015 13:02 - Media and PR

A recent survey has found that consumers are using multiple on-demand video services to view TV shows and movies. Many of those Consumers use more than one on-demand video service, survey findssurveyed mixed services such as Netflix, Redbox and Hulu, amongst others.

The survey found that 75 per cent of those who use on-demand video services use two or more and 50 per cent use three or more.

CIRP partner and co-founder, Josh Lowitz said that consumers are creating a “basket” of paid on-demand video services to meet their entertainment needs.

Lowitz also said: “No single service meets all of a consumer's needs, so they tend to create a 'market basket' that combines services."

The survey also found that Netflix and Redbox are the most popular on-demand video viewing platform, with 61 per cent of the respondents using Netflix and 49 per cent using Redbox.

Of the respondents who use Netflix, 77 per cent use another one per-use service and 74 per cent have at least one other subscription to another service.

As for Redbox, 67 per cent use another one per-use service and 73 per cent have at least one subscription to another service.

CIRP differentiates between the subscriptions, where customers pay a monthly or annual fee for unlimited viewing and “per-use” services, where videos are rented or bought on a per-title basis.

Amongst the different per-use services, 55 per cent of users use two or more services.

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