Disabled people underrepresented within TV industry, survey finds

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8th June 2015 13:04 - Media and PR

Recently published data from The Creative Diversity Network – whose members include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky - has shown that Disabled people underrepresented within TV industry, survey findsless than half the amount of disabled people work in television, in comparison with the wider workforce.

Of those working within TV, just 5 per cent consider themselves disabled, in comparison with 11 per cent of the greater workforce.

As a result of the figures, some creative industry bodies have warned that the TV industry must urgently look into the underrepresentation of disabled people.

The research also discovered that whilst 6 per cent of independent production staff described themselves as disabled, the percentage fell to 4 per cent for those working in terrestrial TV and just 3 per cent for those working in satellite or cable.

Andrew Chowns, TV chairman of Creative Skillset’s TV skills council, said of the findings:

“The TV industry has much work to do to create a truly diverse and representative workforce. The progress that has been made in recent years to encourage more BAME and women professionals must be extended to people with disabilities.”

The research also found that there is a difference within genres, with news employing a much higher proportion of disabled people (7.6 per cent) than daytime and factual which both employed less than 4 per cent of working staff, who identified themselves as disabled.

John McVay, Chair of Creative Diversity Network, said of the findings:

“TV can’t afford to miss out on the talent and skills of disabled people. Although we still have work to do to get more BAME people into TV, I’m determined that CDN will also be at the forefront of the drive to attract more disabled people.”

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